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Real English at the click of a mouse!

Do you use English in professional situations? Is your English pretty okay but are you
always falling back on the same old words and phrases? Are you too busy to pore over a
vocabulary book but keen to discover real English?

About English is proud to offer you About Words – an enjoyable language service that
enables you to build and update your English vocabulary at the click of a mouse. Twice a
week About English will mail you an authentic English sentence and its Dutch equivalent.
You simply pick and choose the items you like, deleting the ones that don’t suit your purpose.

A few tasters:

We’re going to have to bite the bullet.nixel We zullen door de zure appel heen moeten bijten.
His meeting has run over. Zijn afspraak is uitgelopen.
He’s a broad-brush man. Hij is een man van de grote lijnen.

What you do with the items you’ve decided to save? You could print them out and hang
them next to your computer screen. Say them out loud ten times a day. Practise them on
unsuspecting colleagues. Use them to impress English-speaking visitors. You might even
create a file for your inspirational favourites.

Ready to join About Words?
Fill in and submit the contact form and I’ll put the words out!

About English offers you this language service free of charge.
Your personal details will be treated confidentially.
You can end your subscription to About Words at any time. Just contact About English requesting that your name be deleted from the mailing list.

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