English for library staff

A closed-group course available by arrangement

This course aims to help you do your desk job more effectively in English. You will strengthen your English speaking skills and build work-related vocabulary. Topics covered may include: explaining library procedures, rules, regulations and practices; giving directions; and answering frequently asked questions. The exact topics will be chosen in consultation with participants. If relevant, you will be asked to give a guided tour of your library.

Experience has taught me that this course works best with participants from a range of libraries so as to give them the opportunity to exchange ideas, compare practices and look around each other’s libraries.

Language level
About_English_Library_staffYou will have completed four or more
years of English at secondary school level.

Group size
12 participants maximum

To be agreed

Sessions will be held at the participating libraries.

More information
For more information and costs, please contact About English.

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