English for personnel staff

A taste of the programme
We use questions like the following to practise interactions between personnel staff and their clients. These questions were put together by previous participants.

Where and how do I apply for health insurance?
How do I apply for holiday leave? Do I have to take holiday leave? How much holiday leave can I carry over each year?
Am I allowed to do outside paid work?
My temporary appointment will end next month. Do I qualify for unemployment benefit and if so how do I apply for this benefit?
Here are some of the Dutch items that earlier clients wanted to know the English for:
Gedetacheerd worden naar een afdeling
De opzegtermijn is 2 maanden
Maandelijkse inhoudingen op het salaris
Interested in their English equivalents?
Be seconded to a department
Return-to-work plan
Payroll Department
The notice period is two months
Monthly salary deductions

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