English for library staff

A taste of the programme
We use questions like the following to practise interactions between library staff and library users. These questions were put together by previous clients.

How do I use the online catalogue?
Can you explain how to search for digital journal articles?
Where are the restrooms?
How do I get to the Library’s databases from home?
Does the Library provide tours, orientations or workshops? How do I sign up?
Here are some of the Dutch items that we explore in the course:
Geabonneerd zijn op een tijdschrift
Het damestoilet is net voorbij de lift
Boeken terugbrengen na sluitingstijd
De boeken zijn gerangschikt op onderwerp
Uiterste retourdatum
Interested in their English equivalents?
Subscribe to a journal or magazine
The ladies room is just past the elevator/lift
Return books after hours
The books are arranged by subject
The due date
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